Balance your life into segments and always have a clear overview of what the main parts of your life look like.

Complete overview

No clutter like regular to-do lists. Simply know exactly what is most important to do next.


Earn points by achieving more in your life. Grow more by reaching your goals, and see Vida grow with you in the most realistic game: you.

Game on

From the minute you wake up, you will know exactly what to do next in order to be most effective in your aspirations.

Achieve more

Your life is unique. You can completely customize Vida to your interests.


iPhone5s screenshot overview

Know exactly where you’re going

Want to reach the stars? Customize Vida to your life and know exactly what to do from the minute you wake up, in order to be most effective in realising your dreams.

A clear overview of your life and goals gives you superior productivity. This means faster personal development.

iPhone4 Screenshot Career-Screen

Get more done

Vida’s looks seem innocent, yet it’s a very powerful tool.
It assists in getting motivated, organized and allows for you to become a plain better version of yourself.

No social hot-stuff, no fancy cloud syncing, no Android: Just using your iPhone to make your life better.

Gamification - Earn scores

Make life your game

Be the hero of your own story. As you grow in your personal development, Vida grows with you visually.

You level up in relation to how many activities and goals you complete in real life. Motivation in it’s ultimate form. Game on.

Developers - Team behind Vida

Meet the team

We hope you love Vida as much as we do. Should you have any feedback, ideas, comments, or remarks, then don’t be shy and drop us a line. We’re a team of two dedicated creatives from Amsterdam and Buenos Aires.

Shall we arrange a coffee or a Skype session?


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